Miracles USB
Miracles USB
Miracles USB
Indiana Bible College

Miracles USB

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Miracles is the latest album from IBC's LIVE 2023.

No CD player, no problem. The USB drive is perfect for your vehicle or computer.

This product is the physical 2.0 USB / thumb drive.


1. Open the Floodgates

2. Lion

3. No Other Name

4. Joy is Coming

5. For Your Glory

6. Neve Stop

7. We Serve

8. There is No Limit

9. You Can Do It Again

10. When God Shows Up (feat. Draylin Young)

11. Undefeated

12. Heal Our Land

13. Never Be The Same

14. Miracles (Never Thought That I'd Be One)

15. Jesus (feat. Jessica DiGiovanni & Draylin Young)